OpenVeo Portal requires and has been tested on :

  • Openveo (>=2.0.0) with Openveo Publish Plugin (>=2.0.0) - OpenVeo Portal retrieve all its videos from an OpenVeo server
  • Node.js (>4.0.0 and <5.0.0) - The server side of OpenVeo Portal is written in Node.js
  • Npm (>=2.5.1 and <3.0.0) - Npm is used to install OpenVeo Portal server dependencies
  • MongoDB (>=3.0.0) - OpenVeo Portal stores user sessions in a MongoDB database
  • Bower (>=1.5.2) - Bower is use to install OpenVeo Portal client dependencies

NB : Moreover, for a Windows installation, Visual Studio Express is required as some OpenVeo dependencies are written in C and need to be compiled. For Linux you may have to install the package libkrb5-dev.