OpenVeo Portal

Openveo Portal interacts with a Web Service exposed by an OpenVeo server associated to an OpenVeo Publish plugin.

Install OpenVeo Portal

# Extract OpenVeo Portal package (this will create a directory)
tar -xvf openveo-portal.tar

# Install OpenVeo Portal
cd openveo-portal
npm install

Nb : You will be prompted for some configuration. Don't worry if you made an error, you can edit configuration anytime using advanced configuration.

Install a custom theme

By default, OpenVeo Portal comes from a default theme. If this theme does not suite your graphical interface, you can customize OpenVeo Portal with your own theme and install it into assets/themes.

cd assets/themes
tar -xvf my-theme.tar

Launch the application

OpenVeo Portal is now installed. Launch it :

node server.js