End to end tests are performed using Protractor.

You need to have a running OpenVeo Web Service server before starting tests.

WARNING : Each time you launch end to end tests, all information are removed from OpenVeo ! Launch OpenVeo Web Service with option --databaseConf to specify a test database.

Install Protractor globally

First of all you need to install Protractor, all information are available on Protractor's web site.

Remove grunt-protractor-runner local protractor

rm -rf node_modules/grunt-protractor-runner/node_modules/protractor

Configure tests

To be able to launch end to end tests, OpenVeo Portal needs to find the selenium jar and the chrome driver file installed with Protractor. You can specify the path of the selenium jar using SELENIUM_JAR environment variable and chrome driver using CHROME_DRIVER environment variable.

When launching tests, an OpenVeo Portal server is automatically spawned and must be configured through serverTestConf.json. Typically you may want to change the server port.


  "port": 3004,
  "sessionSecret": "2bXELdIqoT9Tbv5i1RfcXGEIE+GQS+XYbwVn0qEx"

Finally the logger has to be configured through loggerTestConf.json. Typically you may want to deactivate logger standard output.


  "level": "info",
  "maxFileSize": 1048576,
  "maxFiles": 2,
  "fileName": "/tmp/openveo-portal.log",
  "console": false

console: false will deactivate standard output.

Create test

Create your test file in tests/client/e2eTests/ then update the list of suites, if necessary, in tests/client/e2eTests/protractorSuites.json.


If a test fails, a screenshot of the browser at the instant is taken and available in build/screenshots of the core.

Launch end to end tests

# Launch all end to end tests on chrome
grunt test-e2e --capabilities="{\"browserName\": \"chrome\"}" --directConnect=true

# Launch all end to end tests on firefox
grunt test-e2e --capabilities="{\"browserName\": \"firefox\"}" --directConnect=true